Each vessel owner and skipper has a duty of care to provide three key things for workplace health and safety which incorporate both AMSA and Worksafe requirements. These three key things are:

  • Providing a safe system of work which is the vessel SMS;
  • Ensuring that the vessel has the required certificated personnel on board; and
  • Providing induction and ongoing training on the key components of the SMS.

An important feature of the SeSAFE project is that it provides a simple and convenient opportunity to fill important gaps in safety training in the commercial fishing industry. This includes delivering safety training;

  • To new, inexperienced crew before they step foot onboard a boat, not afterwards
  • To experienced crew in need of refresher safety training, at a convenient time and place, and
  • On topics that complement a boats’ safety induction program and SMS, including topics that are not commonly covered in an induction program or SMS.

It is not uncommon for skippers to hire new, inexperienced crew at short notice, sometimes only hours prior to leaving on the next fishing trip. Frequently these individuals step on-board the boat for the first time before receiving any safety training by the skipper.

Sometimes this training is provided only after the boat has been at sea for several hours or longer. This approach puts the safety of these individuals at risk and is inconsistent with other industries that require safety training to be completed prior to stepping foot on the work site.

The SeSAFE program plugs this gap by providing an opportunity for crew to complete safety training modules prior to stepping onboard the boat for the first time. Modules are easily accessed and completed on any tablet, laptop, or desktop computer with internet access.

The SeSAFE online safety training modules has generic modules that address a variety of topics from man overboard to working in heavy weather, and from sun protection to personal protective equipment.

There are also fishery specific modules and more are under development.

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