In addition to the lifesaving equipment required on a vessel in accordance with the class and survey requirements this page is dedicated to additional equipment that industry members are encouraged to consider.

These items may be in use by industry in areas of Australia and this page is to inform the wider industry of the equipment and how it might be used.


Life Cell is a flotation device that redefines how safety equipment is stored and used on boats to improve survival rates. Designed after a real life sea rescue, Life Cell is now fully endorsed by the Westpac Lifesaver Rescue Helicopter, approved by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority and SOLAS certified.

This Life Cell is extremely buoyant and has plenty of room to store all your essential safety equipment including EPIRB in the internal compartment. An external recess will also hold your EPIRB upright in the event that you need to activate once in the water. Mounting bracket is also included but safety equipment can be purchased separately.

Emergency safety Lights

These lights have been installed on all vessels in the Australia Bay Seafoods fleet along with reflective tape to assist with emergency evacuation of the vessel should it capsize.

These lights activate when the vessel rolls over or capsizes to provide lighting for an escape and are also water activated in case of flooding. In addition to the lights Australia Bay Seafoods has also installed a rope rescue system as a trial on one vessel that allows the person to navigate out of the accommodation or wheel house to reach the surface.

More information on these lights can be found at