A SMS is a systematic approach to managing safety.

All domestic commercial vessels must have a safety management system (SMS). This system will demonstrate and document how your vessel meets the mandatory general safety duties.

A SMS is just a safety plan just like most other businesses across Australia have in place. Most businesses like construction companies, commercial drivers, manufacturing facilities etc. all have a safety plan that document’s how they meet the legislation as it applies to them.

Safety management systems cover key elements such as safe operating procedures, the qualifications and training of the vessel’s crew, vessel maintenance, emergency procedures, health and safety considerations and continuous improvement

AMSA have proceed a guidelines for a safety management system. Click on the PDF to view the document.

Click on the links below for the SMS template to match your fishery. The SMS below use the AMSA template and also includes workplace health and safety requirements

This list below is not exhaustive. If your fishery method is not on the list please contact the project lead to discuss development